Dr. Alette Coble-Temple's Advocacy Platform

PRIDE: Parental Rights Includes Disability Equality

As Ms. Wheelchair California 2015, I am committed to increasing the visibility of people with disabilities within mainstream culture. As a mother, educator, researcher, and advocate with both a physical disability and severe speech impediment, I serve as a positive role model for women with disabilities. Through my personal and professional experiences, I will mentor other women with disabilities on how to successfully navigate education, employment, intimacy and parenting. Through my work with the American Psychological Association and the support of John F. Kennedy University, I will further advance the Women with Disabilities STEM Education Research Agenda Development Project. I am excited to work with state congressional leaders to advance policy changes that address poverty and people with disabilities. I am prepared to provide local and national trainings to medical professionals around sexuality, pregnancy, and maternal identity for parents with disabilities. In response to findings from the National Council on Disability related to parents with disabilities and their families, I will promote research and educational trainings to address the significant and systemic barriers facing people with disabilities who want to create and maintain families.Through media exposure, I look forward to increasing the visibility of day-to-day life for people with disabilities. Lastly, I will continue to motivate our community to empower themselves and be mentors to others to reignite our civil rights and ensure our voice is represented at state and national policy proceedings.